Quantum Computing

The race for quantum computing is on; universities worldwide, as well as companies like Google and Intel are trying to build the first working quantum computer in the world.

Quantum computers are predicted to revolutionize the way computers work; they will be able to process large amounts of data exponentially faster than our any current super-computer. This will not only create a new world of possibilities, but all new kinds of dangers as well. Every form of encryption used right now, is no match for the calculation powers of a quantum computer.

At the Delft University prof. Leo Kouwenhoven and prof. Ronald Hanson have done groundbreaking research in this laboratory. In 2012 they made global headlines when they were able to confirm the existence of the Majorana particle. Until then purely theoretical, the Majorana particle was hypothesized by Ettore Majorana, and are believed to be the key to quantum computing.

Originally shot for De Correspondent