In His House

self initiated project / photobook

Since the 1960’s Dutch society has distanced itself more and more from fait.  About 7000 of the one-time 12.000 Dutch churches are still standing, but the existence is threatened of half of these. Most of our churches are important landmarks, have great architectural and communal value. Especially the Roman Catholic Church has difficulty with the idea of reusing these buildings, when they stop serving as a place of worship.
But when the choice has been made to allow a church a new function, what, then, could be considered worthy reuse?

book, 40 pages
24 x 29.5 cm / 9.45 x 11,61 inch
text contributions by Antoine Bodar, Eric Luiten, Door Jelsma
design by Petra Warrink
full color offset
edition: 500
price: €15 (excl. shipping)

To order a copy please send me an e-mail.